Help! My account has been deleted!

There may be a few circumstances where you cannot find your account;

  • Mistyped Username
  • Registered on a different LoGD instance
  • Account expired

Some of these are easily checked, searching your email inbox for "Hypnoville" or "LoGD" should bring up the account confirmation email, giving you your username, for example.

Account Expiration

To comply with relevant data laws, and to ensure a smooth service for our users, we do have an account inactivity policy, based on logins and game activity;

  • We keep accounts that were never logged into for 7 days,
  • Level 1 accounts with no dragon kills are kept for 31 days,
  • All other accounts are kept for 183 days.

If it has been longer than the relevant timeframe above, then unfortunately we cannot recover your account. However, you are free to make a new account when you wish.

Accounts prior to Summer 2016

Some accounts are set to not be expired. This is a manual flag, added to a minority of users. However, some accounts with this flag had to be removed in 2016 following the implementation of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Accounts that were removed under GDPR requirements, are also unable to be restored.

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