What are the Hypnoville Discord rules?

General Rules

  • No Spamming or Excessive Self-Promotion

  • Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban

  • No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode

  • No spamming unusual or unreadable Unicode, including “fancy font” unicode misuse

  • Use the appropriate channel

Be Respectful

This section can be summarised as “Don’t be a Dick”. It covers, but is not limited to;

  • No Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, etc.

  • No Racism

  • No Sexism

  • No Hate Speech

  • No Harassment, Personal Attacks, or Witch Hunts

  • No publishing of other people's personal information (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank account and credit card information, etc.).

NSFW Content Rules

Our server is welcoming of NSFW Content. By accessing the Hypnoville Discord you accept that you are likely to see NSFW Content, including Kink content. We do have some common sense limitations;

  • NSFW Content should be in the clearly marked NSFW section of the Server

  • By joining this server you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older

  • Before including people in NSFW Roleplay, you must have their consent

  • More extreme NSFW Discussion or Play should be taken to Private Messages

Moderator Discretion

  • Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion, regardless of any rule or lack thereof

  • Moderators reserve the right to change In-Server Nicknames

  • No exploiting loopholes in the Rules, please report them

Automatic Moderation

We now utilise a handful of AutoMod tools to automatically action some words, phrases, or domains.

If you think the bot has flagged a message of yours wrongly, please create a support ticket.

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