How do I use colored text?

There's a wide range of colors in use throughout this game, and you should be able to change them yourself in any conversation or estate/clan description. The main ones are:

`0 goes back to whatever the page's default color should be.

`1 `! dark and light blue

`2 `@ `g dark, light, and extra light green

`3 `# dark and light cyan

`4 `$ dark and light red

`5 `% dark and light magenta

`6 `^ dark and light yellow

`~ `) `j `7 `& various shades of grey, ranging from black to white.

`q `Q dark and light orange

`e `E `t `T should be various shades of brown (I think the 'e' codes are a bit redder)

`J `l `L `v `V is various shades of blue and violet. (That's a lower case ell in there, not a capital 'i'.)

`R `r are both light rose.

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